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PTU Intelligent Open Channel Flow Meters

Detailed Product Description
Accuracy: 0.25%-0.5%F.S Blind Zone: 0.2-0.6m
Working Pressure: 2 Bar (Explore Proof Type Is 5 Bar) Analog Output: 4~20mA
Power Supply: 24VDC,120mA ,12VDC Temperature: -20~+80°C
Skype: Summer.cao39 Facebook: 86-13145357370


Product description:

Ultrasonic open-channel flow meter is used with weir tank to measure the water flow rate in the

open-channel. This meter is mainly used to measure sewage plants, sewage outfall of enterprises

and institutions, city sewer flows and irrigation channels.

As the meter use the ultrasonic wave through air do the measurement with a non-contact method.

Therefore, the meter has a higher reliability than other forms of the instrument, when under the dirt,

corrosive liquids case.

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