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Portable Handheld Clamp On

Product Introduction

Ultrasonic flowmeter is a non-contact instrument,Not only can the media flow measurement with

large diameter can also be used to measure is not easy to contact and observation of medium.Its

measuring accuracy is high, the interference is almost not affected by various parameters of the

measured medium.In particular, can solve the strong corrosive, non conductivity, radiation and

flammable and explosive medium flow measurement.


Wide Application:

Ultrasonic flow meter is mainly used in the following conditions and Industry

  1. Environmental protection: municipal sewage measurement
  2. Oil: native flow measurement
  3. Water Service Company: River, river, reservoir water measurement
  4. Petrochemical Industry: petrochemical product process flow detection
  5. Paper: paper pulp flow measurement
  6. Pharmaceutical factory: chemical flow measurement
  7. Power plant, thermal power plant: the production process water consumption measurement, cooling circulating water flow measurement
  8. Food: fruit juice milk flow measurement of liquid flow measurement
  9. Schools, scientific research institutes: measuring water or high temperature heat conduction oil
  10. Pot inspection, Metrology Institute: fluid metering