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Process Tech Electromagnetic Flowmeterwith 4 to 20ma Rs485


Process technologies electromagnetic flow meter with rs485 protocol, as the product of long-term experience in the field of flow instrument, has the functions of rapid response and output noise elimination, Its design and quality

control system has guaranteed the high accuracy and reliability of the product, and the application of lining makes the electromagnetic flow meter applied more widely.


1.The stability of flux measurement has been improved

2.Rapid response and high stability, even for highly concentrated serous fluid and fluid with low conductivity.

3.Electrode structure with high reliability

4.Lining and built-in grounding electrode are both applicable.

5.Diameter from 10mm to 3200mm

6.Both AC and DC power supplies are available.

7.Multi-functional Intelligent Converter.

8.When in power failure, EEPROM may protect the set parameters and accumulated values.

9.High-definition LCD Backlight Display.

Application area

  1. Drinking water supply, water supply, reservoir and pumping station etc.
  2. Chemical acid, lye, conductive solution, cooling fluid, additives etc.
  3. Drink water, beer, wine, alcohol, milk, yogurt, fruit juice, syrup, blood etc.
  4. Refrigeration / air conditioning and refrigeration thermal measurement, or heat energy.
  5. Sewage, industrial sewage discharge, sewage etc.

6.Control of metal industrial pump, cooling water and the flow of water.

  1. The textile industry of water, pigments, chemicals, bleaching chemicals etc.