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Wall Mount Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Power supply:24 VDC,220V AC,12V DC

Temperature:-40 to 90C,-40 to 160C

output:4-20mA,LCD Display,RS485

pipe range:DN15-DN6000

Product Introduction

Ultrasonic flowmeter is a non-contact instrument,Not only can the media flow measurement with

large diameter can also be used to measure is not easy to contact and observation of medium.Its

measuring accuracy is high, the interference is almost not affected by various parameters of the

measured medium.In particular, can solve the strong corrosive, non conductivity, radiation and

flammable and explosive medium flow measurement.

General Specification:                                                              


Optional Transducer Model Measuring Range Liquid Temperature Accuracy

Clamp-on Transducer

TS-1(Small Size)   DN15-100mm 0°C~90°C ±1%
TM-1(Medium Size)   DN50-1000mm
TL-1(Large Size)   DN300-6000mm


Clamp-on Transducer

THS-1(Small Size)   DN15-100mm 0°C~140°C
THM-1(Medium Size)   DN300-1000mm

Insertion Transducer

TC-1(Standard)   DN80-6000mm 0°C~160°C

Prover section

Prover section   DN15-1000mm 0°C~160°C ±0.5%
Power Supply DC8-36V or AC85-264V
Input 3 channel 4-20mA analog input
Output Isolation RS-485 output, 2 channel isolation OCT output: 1 channel isolation 4-20mA output (two-wire system)
Communication Protocols Compatible with METER-BUS, MODBUS, Fuji extended protocol and general water meter protocol.