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Magyn High Pressure Magflowmeters

Basic Info.

Model NO.                                         MAGYN
Measuring Media                               Liquid
Measuring Principle                           Electrical Principles
Measurement Object                          Closed Pipeline

Product Description

MAGYN Series Intelligence Electromagnetic Flow Meter transmitter, together with magnetic-inductive sensor, forms a microprocessor-controlled accurate measurement unit. MAGYN Intelligence transmitter can be used for fluid flow speeds up to 15 m/s for a minimum conductivity of 5 S/cm. The main application range of MAGYN widely covers a variety of fields:
• Chemical and petroleum industry
• Metallurgy industry
• Water and waste water
• Agriculture and irrigation
• Food and beverage industry
• Pharmaceutical industry

Working theory:
The measuring principle of electromagnetic flow meter is based on the electromagnetic induction law of Farady. Measuring tube is a non-magnetic alloy tube with lining material inside. Two electrodes are fixed inside the tube at the diameter line of the tube, and the electrode head is even with lining material.
MAGYN uses the most advance technology around the world. It use rectangular wave with rectangular wave with constant current and low frequency, which has the advantages of rectangular wave magnetic field and avoiding disadvantages of square wave magnetic field, eliminating the difference by fluctuating voltage and frequency of power supply and also resistance of excitation coil, deleting the problem of coil heating by large power transistors. MAGYN also has excellent zero stability and high reliability resulting from no influence by flow noise. What’s more, the coil of MAGYN is also designed to generate uneven magnetic field that makes sensor smaller and more delight, and also made up for the difference by non-axisymmetric of flow.


  • Independence: measurement is not influenced by physical value changing such as fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity.
  • Easy Maintenance: No moving part, no jam, and no pressure lose;
  • Wide application: any conductivity liquid, even liquid within fiber, solid particle and suspended matter.
  • Easy installation: Only require straight pipe front 5D and behind 2D (D is Flow Meter’ inner diameter)
  • Wide turn down ratio: setting freely, it is usually 3: 100; in special situation, it could be reach to 1: 100.
  • Enclosure: IP68 (DN15~DN1200), immersed structure.
  • High Intelligence: two line display with back light, forward and reverse flow measure, parameter setting, menu control, memory function, password protection, small flow removal.
  • Multi-signal output: Current output 4~20mA/0~10mA, frequency output 1~5000Hz, RS485 communication and HART protocol.
  • SMT technical: Intelligence self-detection and self-diagnose, upper and lower alarm, exciting alarm, empty pipe alarm.
  • SMART excitation: low power consumption, zero point stability, no drifting, high reliability.
  • Lining and electrode: multiple selections for lining and electrode materials, which is suitable for measuring kinds of medium.

Ambient Condition:

remote type: sensor: -25~+70   Transmitter:  -10~+50ºC
Integrated type: 10~+50ºC
Relative Humidity: 5%~90%;
Mechanical Vibration: Frequency 55HZ, amplitude: 0.55mm
Ambient electromagnetic field: ≤400A/m
Atmospheric environment: require adequate ventilation at installation place, reject strong corrosive atmospheric environment, protect from rain infiltration.

Working Condition:
Max. Temperature of fluid:
Remote type: Rubber or PU lining: +80ºC
PTFE lining: +100ºC
Integrated type: +80ºC
Flow conductivity: ≥5µs/cm
Nominal pressure:  0.6Mpa (DN1200~DN2400)
1.0Mpa (DN700~DN1000)
1.6Mpa (DN200~DN600)
4.0Mpa (DN15~DN150)
6.4Mpa (DN15~DN100)
10.0Mpa (DN15~DN100)
16.0Mpa (DN25~DN50)
25.0Mpa (DN25~DN80)
32.0Mpa (DN25~DN80)
Power Supply: 85~250V,45~63Hz ( single-phase AC).
Dissipation Power: <20W

Technical Data:

Flow velocity: 1.0~10.0m/s, 0.3~1.0m/s (accuracy of velocity 0.3~1.0m/s is lower one grade than that of velocity 1.0~10.0m/s)
Accuracy: ±1.0%   ±0.3%   ±0.5%
Working pressure: no more than the nominal pressure (see 3.3)
Fluid temperature: no more than the specified working temperature (see 3.3)
Protection grade: IP68 (only for remote type sensor with rubber or PU lining)
Under water 5 meters (DN15~DN2400)  IP65
Electrode Material: Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, Titanium, Tantalum, Platinum-iridium alloy, Tungsten Carbide.
Lining Material: PTFE/F4, CR, Synthetic Rubber, F46, PFA, PU
Flange Material: Carbon Steel. (Customize stainless steel)
Measuring tube material: Stainless Steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti
Signal output: Standard Current 4~20mA or 0~10mA, frequency 1~5000Hz
Communication: RS485 port
Alarm: Normally open
Explosion-proof: Exdeia II CT4(II C only for H2)