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Process Tech Small Diameter Level Transmitter

PTL-633s Small diameter level transmitter

Use medium :Liquid

Shall not apply to the medium :air

Full stainless steel sealed construction
Small diameter
Water-proof and oil-proof cable
Constant current supply
Laser trimming compensating zero and span thermal error
Using high reliable and stable solid piezoresistive pressure cell

Parameters for details
Range:  0….300mH2 O
Accuracy:  0.5%FS,0.25%FS
Nonlinearity:  0.2%FS
Stability:  0.2%FS/ Y
Output:  4-20mA(2 Wire)
Voltage:  24(12~36)VDC (Amplify signal )
Operation temperature:  -10~80℃
Compensated temperature:  -10~70℃
Overload pressure:  150%FS
Medium material:  316 Stainless steel housing
Electric connector:  Vented or Non-vented Cable ,Submersion type
Protection Class:  IP68

Sensor:  Silicon or Strain
Seal/O-ring: all welded seals