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Radar Flowmeter

Flow+Level+Surface velocity measurement
Integrated tilt sensor
Compact, light and easy to mount
Nice choice for open water measurement


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 The F40 radar flowmeter integrates a P40 level sensor and a V20 surface velocity sensor, which enables F40 to measure real time water flow. It uses standard Modbus/RS485 protocol and can be operated in a standalone mode, with optional telemetry systems or interfaced directly to a third party data logger or PC.
The radar flowmeter is for non-contact flow measurement at surface water locations. It uses impulse radar technology to determine the water level and velocity. This energy-efficient, non-contact measurement method means the
device operates with no effect from temperature gradients, water pollution or sediment load and ensures exact measurements.
— Non-contact measurement
— Integrated tilt sensor
— Uses rotatable swivel and easy mounting
— Sensor is away from the water, making the installation safer to achieve

— Standard interfaces for communication with data loggers and other devices
— Extremely low power consumption
— Anti polarity protection
— Flat antenna means that insect and spider infestation is not a problem
— Compact and solid design – long sensor life with minimal maintenance
— RS-485 interface – allows a connection cable length of up to 1,000 m, allowing
data logger and power source to be situated further away
— Wide range of power supply from 7-32 V (typically 12 / 24 V) – allows differing
power supplies such as solar panel, battery or grid
— Flow, level and velocity outputs
Suitable Applications:
— Rivers
— Streams
— Canals
— Irrigation canals
— Process water canals
— Outlets / Inlets